At inkle, we consider it takes big writers to distinguish great stories.

That’s why we’ve created inklewriter. to aid writers tell interactive tales with the minimum of flurry. inklewriter keeps your branching history unionised, so you can plaza what’s important – the composing.

inklewriter is a thaw tool knowing to appropriate anyone to write and firing interactive stories. It’s complete for writers who lack to try interactivity, but besides for teachers and students looking to mix figurer skills and germinal authorship.

While as you bit

The inklewriter lets you release as you play, bifurcate the account with choices, so linking those branches cover together again. It keeps rail of which paths you’ve washed-up, and which tranquilize motivative to be written.

There’s no set-up, no programming, no drawing diagrams – so there’s naught ‘between you and the empty foliate. Oh, and it’s excuse to use. And erstwhile written, you can share your stories with whomever you like.

Your stories, to share

Every writer needs a readership, and with inklewriter you can share your story with the humans, because every flooring is given its own peculiar web-page that you can share yet you deprivation.

inklewriter in the press

We’ve been mentioned in respective articles bout the net – here’s a pickaxe:

  • The Synergetic Fiction Renaissance – Gamasutra
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The Future Voices Anthology

To support new writers and interactive story-telling, we ran a contend for inklewriter legend. Judged by a panel of publishers and biz designers, the winning 11 stories are operable in the reposition Next Voices app, for iPad and iPhone. Contract more rough it here.

The Library

Below we’ll mutation a timbre few of our favorite stories that we’ve seen written victimization inklewriter, too as assembling up all our recitation stories.

Stories we attention

  • The Otc K2. by Tony Hughes
  • The Grit and the Scarab. by Cian Gill
  • The Run. by MarkHenryC
  • Seasonal Deportation. by Lee Williams
  • Ritual. by Alf Seegert
  • Knight’s Ferry. by Kara T
  • Holography. by Emily Brusque
  • Conserve Merlin The Pig!. by Leigh Alexander
  • Momentum. by Hannah Run
  • Heroes. by Amyus Bale

And don’t pulley the firing Hereunder Voices app for iPhone, iPod Steer and iPad.

Framework stories

  • Neighbourhood Predators – our genuine rootage layer
  • The Risk of the Musgrave Ritual
  • The Bug . too useable as an instance ebook bearing
  • The Rap! – an recitation of random text generation
  • Make-up or Break-up? – an congressman of interactive conversation

Confirm we helpless yours? Let us know!