If knowledge is power, then data is currency in today’s world. Cyber crime has become more lucrative than the drug trade, and businesses understand that security is of the utmost importance in protecting their data.

However, protecting from external threat is no longer enough. An increasing number of information crimes are being committed from within organisations, behind the firewall where the perpetrators are already inside the security systems. This makes protecting data from the inside, managing access and permissions and verifying the identity of those accessing data a critical item on the corporate security agenda.

Impending legislation of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill means that information security is a topic of discussion and debate around boardroom tables throughout South Africa. At its most basic, POPI aims to regulate the privacy of client data. This Bill has been driven by the pressing need to prevent increasing numbers of cases of identity theft, which can have devastating impact on the lives of the people who fall victim to it.


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