IBM X-Force Expert Analyzes the Latest Cyber-Threats: Webcast
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IBM 11/01/2011
Dark Reading WebcastThe IBM X-Force 2011 Mid-Year Trend Report
Analyzing the Latest Cyber-Threats

Thursday, November 3, 2011 — 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

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Featured Speakers

Tom Cross
Manager, X-Force Advanced Research, IBM Internet Security Systems

Phil Neray
Vice President of Data Security Strategy,
IBM InfoSphere Guardium & Optim

Join Tom Cross, threat intelligence manager for IBM X-Force®, as he discusses the security landscape and latest results from the IBM X-Force 2011 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report, an in-depth analysis of more than 54,000 vulnerabilities tracked by X-Force and 12 billion daily intrusion attempts monitored by IBM Managed Security Services (MSS).

In this comprehensive Webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The Year of the Data Breach: Why we saw an explosion of major security breaches in 2011.
  • Sophisticated attacks: How they’re executed by financially-motivated cybercriminals, state-sponsored espionage groups, hacktivists and insiders.
  • SQL injection: Why it continues to be a favorite attack vector among malicious groups, and how attackers use search engines to automate finding target sites.
  • APTs: How APTs have raised the profile of “whaling,” a type of spear phishing which targets “big fish,” or those in high levels of an organization with privileged credentials and access to critical data.
  • Mobile exploits: Why malicious software targeting mobile phones, such as Google Android devices, are on track to double in 2011.
  • Critical OS and application vulnerabilities: How these have tripled thus far in 2011.
  • Client-Side Vulnerabilities: 40% of popular web sites contain client-side JavaScript vulnerabilities, based on 700 scans performed with IBM Rational AppScan.
  • Anonymous proxies: How they allow cybercriminals to hide malicious intent, and why they’ve quadrupled compared to three years earlier.

You’ll also learn why many of the 2011 breaches could have been prevented with a “Top 10″ list of operational practices, such as segmenting and monitoring access to sensitive information and systems.

Phil Neray, VP of Data Security Strategy for InfoSphere Guardium and Optim, will show how enterprises have implemented Guardium’s scalable, cross-DBMS solution to secure sensitive databases with continuous, real-time monitoring, while reducing compliance costs with centralized and automated controls.

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