Hack of tech journalist reveals flaws in cloud security
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 | Author:

SEATTLE – The security community is on alert for hackers who might try to emulate the simple trickery used to breach a prominent technology journalist’s Amazon, Apple, Google and Twitter accounts. That hacking caper has rekindled concerns about whether Apple’s iCloud, Google Apps, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, Microsoft’s Windows Live and other Internet-delivered services do enough to authenticate users, security analysts say.

 ”People are being urged to trust their data to the Internet cloud, but then you find that the operational security is alarmingly lax,” says Stephen Cobb, security analyst at anti-virus firm ESET.

Hackers devastated Wired reporter Mat Honan’s digital life. In doing so, they highlighted how Web companies have been slow to embrace more robust systems for ensuring that users who log into online accounts are who they say.



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