Adding ObserveIT video audit logs to your SIEM
Friday, May 11th, 2012 | Author:

At a Glance

Adding ObserveIT’s user activity video logs and user activity text logs to your SIEM or Log Analysis platform gives you all the details of exactly what users are doing on your network, right from within the platform that you count on for security oversight and compliance reporting.

Imagine this: Your SIEM dashboard alerts you to a potential security incident. But now, instead of investigating by drilling down into system logs, you can instead just click on the “Play the Video” icon, which shows exactly what the user did!

ObserveIT’s open architecture allows for a straightforward integration with any log analysis tool. This document shows this open architecture, and also provides a look at specific integrations with Splunk, Arcsight, RSA enVision and CA UARM.


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